New Sop For Picnic in Assam 2024 – An Ultimate Guide

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New Sop For Picnic in Assam 2024

In response to a tragic road accident in Golaghat District that resulted in the loss of 12 lives, the Assam government and police have introduced a new set of guidelines and a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for picnickers in 2024. These measures are aimed at enhancing safety and minimizing risks associated with picnic activities.

New Sop For Picnic in Assam 2024
AspectNew SOP for Picnic in Assam 2024 Guidelines
BackgroundThe SOP is a response to a deadly road accident in Golaghat District.
Issuing AuthoritiesAssam government and police.
Implementation TriggerDeadly road accident resulting in 12 fatalities.
Nature of GuidelinesSuggestive and not exhaustive.
Implementation FocusRegulate and enhance safety measures for picnic parties.
ObjectiveEnsure the safety of individuals participating in picnics in Assam.

New Sop For Picnic in Assam 2024 Guidelines

In the wake of a road accident in Assam that claimed the lives of 12 people, the Assam Police issued a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for picnics in 2024. The guidelines include:

  1. Prohibition of Night Movement and Loud Music:
    • Picnickers are prohibited from traveling in the dark.
    • Playing loud music inside vehicles is strictly discouraged to ensure attentiveness and prevent distractions.
  2. Prevention of Overcrowding:
    • Strict measures are in place to avoid overcrowding in vehicles designated for picnic transportation, promoting a safe and comfortable journey.
  3. Morning Operation for Picnic Buses:
    • Buses transporting picnic-goers are mandated to operate only after the morning fog has cleared, ensuring optimal visibility and road safety.
  4. Informing Local Police Station:
    • Picnickers are required to inform the local police station about their plans, providing authorities with essential information for monitoring and coordination.
  5. Surveillance by Village Defence Party (VDP):
    • Surveillance groups, assisted by the Village Defence Party, are deployed to monitor and detect any illicit or legal activities in and around picnic spots, enhancing overall security.
  6. Raids on Dhabas:
    • Continuous raids are conducted on dhabas where illicit liquors may be sold, curbing illegal activities and promoting a safer environment.
  7. Enhanced Lighting Facilities:
    • Adequate lighting facilities are provided in and around vulnerable picnic spots, ensuring visibility and deterring potential risks.
  8. Designated Parking Areas:
    • Sufficient parking areas are earmarked at each spot to prevent congestion and ensure organized parking.

These guidelines are considered suggestive and not exhaustive. The Assam government aims to regulate and enhance safety measures for picnic parties by implementing these measures.

New Sop For Picnic in Assam 2024 Aim

The primary aim of these guidelines is to guarantee the safety of individuals engaging in picnic activities in Assam. The Assam government emphasizes the importance of these measures as suggestions to be followed, with the overarching goal of regulating and enhancing safety standards for all picnic parties.


With the implementation of this new SOP, the Assam government seeks to create a safer environment for picnic enthusiasts, fostering an enjoyable experience while minimizing the potential risks associated with outdoor activities. Picnickers are urged to adhere to these guidelines to contribute to the overall well-being and safety of everyone involved in Assam’s vibrant picnic culture in 2024.


Why was New Sop For Picnic in Assam 2024 introduced?

The new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was introduced in response to a tragic road accident in Golaghat District, leading to 12 casualties. The Assam government and police aim to enhance safety measures for picnic goers.

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